The venue of the conference is the Faculty of Translation Studies, Linguistics and Cultural Studies /FTSK):


An der Hochschule 2

D-76726 Germersheim


Getting to Germersheim/Rhein-Neckar region

Map of Germersheim

By plane

The most convenient way to travel to Germersheim by plane is via Frankfurt Airport which serves the most international destinations in the world. With its frequent flight schedules it offers many alternatives for connections from all international airports. Note that the location of Germersheim and its railway connections to cities like Mannheim or Karlsruhe provide a wide range of alternatives for those travelling from cities in Europe.


By car

From Frankfurt am Main

At Frankfurter Kreuz, take the A5 in the direction of Darmstadt.

At Darmstädter Kreuz, change to the A67 (direction Mannheim).

At Viernheimer Dreieck, change to the A6 (direction Heilbronn).

At Dreieck Hockenheim, change to the A61 (direction Ludwigshafen).

At Speyer, change to the B9 in the direction of Karlsruhe.

Take the exit "Germersheim – Mitte".

From Stuttgart

Take the A8 in the direction of Karlsruhe.

At Dreieck 41, change to A5 in the direction of Frankfurt/Mannheim/Landau (Pfalz)/Karlsruhe.

Take the exit 45 "Karlsruhe-Mitte" in the direction of Landau (Pfalz).

Change to B10.

Take the exit to B9 in the direction of Ludwigshafen/Germersheim/Wörth-Mitte/Fähre.

Take the exit "Germersheim – Mitte".

From Saarbrücken

Take the A6 in the direction of Mannheim.

At exit 21, change to the A61 in the direction of Karlsruhe/Ludwigshafen.

Take the exit 63 "Speyer", change to the B9 in the direction of Germersheim.

Take the exit "Germersheim – Mitte".


By train


For the entire period of the conference, there will be a free bus shuttle between Germersheim main station and the venue.