Panel 1: Audiovisual translation in the periphery of translation studies (Sara Ramos Pinto, Yves Gambier - discussion panel!)

Panel 2: Audiovisual translation today: centre-periphery relations (Lucile Desblache)

Panel 3: Audiovisual translation: from the past to the future (Carol O'Sullivan)

Panel 4: Corpus-based translation studies (Claudio Fantinuoli, Federico Zanettin)

Panel 5: Customs officers or smugglers? the mediating role of intercultural actors (Reine Meylaerts)

Panel 6: Fansubbing, non-professional subtitling has come to stay (David Orrego Carmona)

Panel 7: Indirect translation: state-of-the-art and future research avenues (Hanna Pieta, Alexandra Assis Rosa)

Panel 8: Interpreting and conflict mediation (Aline Remael, Mary Carroll)

Panel 9: Interpreting and ELF (English as a Lingua Franca) (Michaela Albl-Mikasa, Karin Reithofer)

Panel 10: Key cultural texts in translation (Kirsten Malmkjaer)

Panel 11: Libraries and translation studies (Agnes Whitfield)

Panel 12: New media, mediation and local-global reception (Teresa Musacchio)

Panel 13: News translation: subverting the discipline? (Luc van Doorslaer, Christina Schäffner)

Panel 14: Process-oriented and collaborative learning in translator education (Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow, Don Kiraly)

Panel 15: Scientific and technical translation (Myriam Salama-Carr)

Panel 16: Technologies in translation (Christoph Rösener)

Panel 17: Terminology and translation studies (Heike Jüngst, Leona Van Vaerenbergh)

Panel 18: The translation profession: Centers and peripheries (Helle V. Dam, Kaisa Koskinen)

Panel 19: Translating and interpreting in religious settings (Jonathan Downie, Jill Karlik)

Panel 20: Translating the bible: theology, gender and inclusive language (Sabina Matter-Seibel, Ines Veauthier)

Panel 21: Translation and comprehensibility (Karin Maksymski, Silke Gutermuth)

Panel 22: Translation and the future of the humanities (Sarah Maitland)

Panel 23: Translations- und interkulturelle Kommunikationstheorie (Lavinia Heller, Michael Poerner)

Panel 24: Transmediality and the role of the U.S. in cultural translation (Florian Freitag)