Panel 16: Language technology in translation (Christoph Rösener)

The proposed panel focuses on the use of language technology in both translation in general and translation teaching. For many years now the translational workflow has been increasingly influenced by language technology. Today translators are forced to use language technology software - spell and grammar checkers, translation memory systems, terminology databases, controlled language checkers, to name but a few - to increase their translational output and to cope with the time and cost demands of the translation market. Thus, the proposed panel will on the one hand examine language technology being used in the translational workflow and outline the pros and cons of that technology. On the other hand the panel will deal with the question how and to what extent language technology should be part of the training of future translators. Furthermore didactics of teaching language technology in translation classes will be discussed. The proposed speakers are all well known specialists in the area of language technology and translation teaching. Therefore the proposed panel will be an ideal contribution to the topic of the conference.